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My Family

Hello, my name is Michael Johnson. Thank you for checking out my website. I hope you found it both entertaining and informative. Well, enough about the website, I bet you want to know more about me. OK, here goes. I am married and a believer in love at first sight. I knew the day I met my wife that she was something special and that I wanted more. We were married less than a year later. That was 10 years ago. In that ten years I've welcomed two little boys into the world and get to watch grow everyday.

My Photography

It was when my oldest son was born that I really took to photography. Thanks to my Dad I always thought about it, but never pursued it. When I became a father I wanted to document every minute of my family. My wife who knows me better than anyone, saw how much I enjoyed photography and bought me my first book about photography for our first Christmas together. I still have that book as well as many others.

As I learned photography, I was began seeing beautiful photographs and was particularly inspired by weddings and families. There is something special about not only seeing a beautiful photograph, but seeing someone you love in that photograph.

Wedding Photography Northwest Indiana

This is my family during my cousins wedding. I was their photographer and that's usually how I look after photographing a wedding. (Note: I have retired that shirt because it is pretty much impossible to keep from wrinkling.)

My Hobbies

A few other tidbits about me. I've lived in Northwest Indiana my whole life graduating from Merrillville High School in 1990. I've recently started running and in 2011 I ran a half marathon for the first time. I completed my second half marathon this previous spring and I plan on running in my third in 2013. In 2009 I lost 30lbs. in about 3 months by changing my diet and light exercise. Today I am still fighting the weight, but have developed much better eating habits that I will keep forever. I have also recently become a habitual coffee drinker and you might say obsessed with all things coffee. Everything from the drinking to the brewing. It's quite fascinating.

What's your favorite coffee? You tell me your's and I'll tell you mine. Just hit me up in the Live Chat or email me in the contact link.