Mike is a really niceguy, he made me feel comfortable. He let me do my own thing and I liked it. If I got pictures taken again, I would go to him.

He takes really good photographs, and he takes his time so the photos look good.

Ashleigh Den Hartog - Lansing, IL




Getting my senior photos done at MJ Photography was an amazing experience. It was very flexible and easy to do. They really captured what I hope to remember about my senior year later in life. There were so many great photos to choose from, from the planning to the choosing, the whole process and service was outstanding.

Logan McRae - Crown Point, IN




Working with MJ Photography was an excellent experience. My Senior photos were beautiful. He did a great job capturing my personality. I was very happy with all of the shots!

Taylor Hillegonds - Cedar Lake, IN

Hanover Central Class of 2012 Valedictorian



I had fun. I liked the different poses and areas he went to. He didn't ask anything impossible or hard of me and everything was easy going. I would do it again anyday and twice on Sunday. MJ Photography is easy to work with, creative with everything we did, and patient with me in everything we did.

Nathan Jorden - Valparaiso, IN




I had such a great experience with Mike! I had so much fun being able to go to Chicago and do something unique. I also loved that Mike got to try something new by going to the city and was able to put his style in the pictures. I'm so happy with all of my pictures and I couldn't have asked fo anyting else. Thank you so much for your patience at the viewing and being so kind and giving me amazing Senior Pictures.

Alina Cappadora - Cedar Lake, IN




I thought the pictures were great. I had a good time taking them. It was fun. I was a good experience. They were really easy and turned out amazing. Some of the positions were awkward, but they came out great.

Nick James, Crown Point, IN




The photography session was very easy. Mike had great ideas for the shots and was very creative. All of the photos turned out great, and it was so hard to choose which ones I liked best. Overall, I had an amazing experience.

Jordan McRae - Crown Point, IN




I had a fantastic experience. My pictures came out great and I think I looked good. I will definately recommend my friends graduating next year to MJ Photogrpahy.

Kristin Lambert, Crown Point, IN




Mike took the time to make my senior pictures more than just poses. They were a reflection of me and that made choosing my favorites that much harder.

Alyssa Ippolito - Crown Point, IN




The Pictures came out fabulous! I was very pleased with the outcome! My family will cherish them for years to come! Thanks MJ Photography!

Amy Esparza - Lake Station, IN




Taking my senior pictures was a fun experience. Mike made the experience easy and comfortable, while listening to what I wanted.

Lexi Diamond - Crown Point, IN




The Pictures were so great and taking the pictures was an easy, fun process. Everything went smoothly and it was a great experience.

Kelsey Emery - Crown Point, IN




The picture taking went very smoothly and enjoyably. I particularly like the settings and the ideas for the backgrounds. The pictures were outstanding!

Chase Emery - Crown Point, IN




Working with Michael Johnson of MJ Photography was much more than just simply posing for pictures; it was an experience. His creativity, promptness, and listening-ear made him easy and fun to work with. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to use MJ for their special occasions!

Savanna Bordui - Crown Point, IN




Having my senior pictures done has been a good experience. It makes graduating from High School a reality. From being a kid up until now I've always dreamt graduating and now it's here. These pictures capture the moment and will remain a memory with me for the rest of my life.

Allie Ban - Crown Point, IN




Working with MJ Photography was great! I had a good time taking many awesome pictures. For anyone looking for a fun easy atmosphere, I'd recommend MJ Photography!

Elizabeth Szafarczyk - Crown Point, IN